Canjuers is a mountainous area in the South of France, a territory of transition between the mediterranean hills and the Prealps. Property of the French Ministry of Defense since 1974, Canjuers is the largest military camp in Western Europe.
Through the motif of the landscape I address this particular territory, inaccessible because of its function and inhospitable because of its topography: a place that balances the possibility to hide or dissimulate and also to manifest the military presence in a strategic site.
Saint‑Estève, Montferrat
Vers Malvallon, Aiguines
La Colle, Bargème
Le Plan de Comps, Seillans
Canyon de l'Artuby, Aiguines
L'Espérel, Montferrat
Camp bâti, Montferrat
Pont de l'Artuby, Trigance
Canyon de l'Artuby, Aiguines
Guent, Comps‑sur‑Artuby
Guent, Comps‑sur‑Artuby
Le Plan, Vérignon
Plan de Luby, Seillans
La Colle, Bargemon
L'Espérel, Montferrat | Le Viéras Rau, La Roque‑Esclapon
Chemin de la Vière, La Roque Esclapon
Balcons de la Mescla, Trigance
Canyon de l'Artuby, Aiguines
D71, Trigance | Les Couquets, Bauduen
Brovès, Seillans
Brovès, Seillans
Boussole, Seillans
Chapelle Notre‑Dame, Comps‑sur‑Artuby
Gratte Loup, Seillans
La Colle, Bargemon"