born in 1986. lives and works in Marseille, France.
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2014-2017: Master Degree in Photography, École nationale supérieure de la photographie d'Arles, France.
2005-2010: Master Degree in Polical Science, Institut d'Études Politiques d'Aix-en-Provence, France.


WIP 2017, Les Rencontres d'Arles OFF, curated by AEENSP, Église Saint-Julien, Arles, July 2017. — Installation view
_017, show of the 2017 ENSP graduate, Palais de l'Archevêché, Arles, June 2017. — Installation view
ENSP/INSERM La Recherche de l'art #5, La Faïencerie, Creil, March 2017.
La Recherche de l'art (Rétrospective), Palais de la découverte, Paris, October 2016-August 2017. — Installation view
ENSP/INSERM La Recherche de l'art #5, Les Rencontres d'Arles, Galerie du Haut, Arles, July-September 2016. — Installation view
WIP 2016, Les Rencontres d'Arles OFF, curated by AEENSP, Église Saint-Julien, Arles, July 2016.
Work In Progress 2015, Les Rencontres d'Arles OFF, curated by AEENSP, Église Saint-Julien, Arles, July 2015.
Nuit des musées 2015, Musée départemental Arles Antique, Arles, May 16, 2015.
Poteaux & Taureaux (POLES & BULLS), curated by Cosmos, Galerie 2600, Arles, July 2014.
Photonic Moments 2014, projection, European Month of Photography, Ljubljana, Slovenia, June 3, 2014.
Paris Photo (in New York), curated by Arts & Sciences Projects, New York, USA, April 11 - May 1, 2011.
Azione Mutante!, for ACCADE 2008, Jarach Gallery, Venice, Italy, November - December 2008.


ÉTÉ 10, by Vivien Ayroles and Stefano Marchionini, selfpublished, edition of 50, signed and numbered, Paris, November 2010.


Creative residency in the Physiology & Physiopathology of Neuronal Networks Group INSERM Lab in Marseille, France, 2015-2016.


Bourse du Talent #68 Espace. Paysage. Architecture, Finalist, 2016.


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L'éclipse, vol. 1, "La Lande des Selves", Paris, November 2009. 30 numbered copies.
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Book covers

Un'estate per due by Brian Sloan, Playground Libri, Rome, 2008.
Il Sognatore di fantasmi by Richard zimler, Playground Libri, Rome, 2007.


2016: Albert Giordan & Marylin Clark, portraiture with analogue and digital large format cameras. — See images here
2015: Samuel Bianchini, interactivity and digital arts.
2014: Jürgen Nefzger, landscapes and construction sites.  — See images here

Other professional experience

2012-2014: Partnership Officer, Rencontres Internationales (moving image festival), Paris
2011-2012: Press Officer for contemporary art and photography exhibitions, Heymann Renoult associées, Paris
2010: Projects Assistant for Architecture, Institut français, Paris
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